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Jewel Isle rum Punch and challenge 25

Stockist & Partners

If you own a retail or Wholesale business and would be interested in stocking Jewel Isle Rum Punch products contact us on 0800 988 8389 / 07947 511 065 or why not email us a

Our partners

We have been in business for a number of years and have built up relationships with many business. We would like to share some of these business and services with you.

Started by Delsie Johnson and Herman Oliver, Paradise Patties Ltd, based in North London began with the aim of supplying good quality food products to the fast food outlets in and around London.

In that regard, the company has been running a successful operation for the past five years. Having achieved degree of success in that area, the directors decided to branch out in a more diverse field.

Herman Oliver, based on his experience in the patty producing field, decided to use that experience to produce a Jamaican styled patty.


We are no way connected with the above mentioned businesses and services; we have used these businesses and services in the pass and have found them to be excellent.

Jewel Isle rum Punch and challenge 25