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Jewel Isle rum Punch and challenge 25

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Entrepreneur // Ceo Jewel Isle Global Productions

Anita Williams

I want this drink to be the classy drink it ought to be and not stained as an ordinary alco-pop drink…..there is more to the taste!!

An entrepreneur story

A dream turn to reality

Jewel Isle Rum Punch is a dream turned reality for Anita Williams. She began to sense something life changing was coming her way.

In her own words she describes how “I could feel it, I could smell it, I could taste it, I knew a shift was coming but didn’t know in what shape or form or what it was about”

Her life ambition was to own a posh classy restaurant, with an atmosphere of love. Her father himself was a successful and respected business man. After living here in the late 50s, he returned to Jamaica in 1963 and successfully ran 3 bars (pubs) and restaurant. He also was a property agent for people who lived in the UK and had properties in Jamaica. Entrepreneurship was his life as he bought his first home at age 21. Her mother emigrated to Canada from here in the early 70s and also went into property business. Before she left Jamaica she being trained by the infamous Madame Rose Leon she owned her own hairdresser salon.

Life Ambition

 “Stepping into my 40s, made me start to looking into my culture, purpose, ambition and the history of my generation” The conclusion I came to was that business is in the blood. I then started to think of what do I enjoy doing, and what do I do best. All that sat in my head was the restaurant and this was purely because of all the culinary delights I use to see my father cook, and the delicious juices he would make, he would juice anything going if you allowed him!! Rum Punch and Jerk Pork were his main two perfections.

Business Achievement

 Anita who credits working for a leading soft drink manufacturer for over 15 years gave her the courage to venture on her path, took a career break and today with accreditations of Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Silver Award as British Female Innovator and Inventor for developing the new flavours still believe there’s more creativity in her yet still to come out.

Jewel Isle rum Punch and challenge 25