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Jewel Isle rum Punch and challenge 25

The Taste
Of Rum Punch

All Year Round

The Perfect Drink For All Occasions

Rum Punch is perfect to compliment barbecues, summer get-together, picnics, parties or even when you want to bask in the sun on your own.

Jewel Isle Rum Punch cocktails are rum based fruit flavoured drinks made with the finest Caribbean overproof rum.  The alcohol content is 14% abv of the beverage and sold in 750 ml, and 200ml glass bottles and 5Ltr.

Jewel Isle Rum Punches are deemed as a delightful and superb Summer Refresher Drink, just served neat as it is over ice but also a Winter Warmer just slightly chilled and feel the rum sending a warmth through your body as it hits your palate. Why not trying ? Buy rum punch online today.

Jewel Isle Rum Punch

A Summer Refresher Winter Warmer


Jewel Isle Rum Punch cocktails are made with the finest fruit flavoured drinks and selected Caribbean rum.

We Love Jewel Isle Rum Punch

Jewel Isle rum Punch and challenge 25