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Jewel Isle Rum Punch

Jewel Isle Rum PunchJewel Isle Rum PunchJewel Isle Rum PunchJewel Isle Rum PunchJewel Isle Rum Punch
the refreshing taste of Jewel Isle Rum Punch

The Refreshing Taste of Jewel Isle Rum Punch

Welcome to Jewel Isle Award-Winning Rum Punch

Enjoy the delicious, authentic taste of the Caribbean with Jewel Isle Rum Punch. Made with real fruit juice and a hint of Caribbean rum, Jewel Isle Rum Punch is the ideal beverage for every occasion, anywhere with family and friends.

Available in three great flavours, TropicalPineapple Ginger and Lemon-Lime. The refreshing taste is perfect to compliment barbecues, summer get-togethers, picnics, parties or even when you want to bask in the sun on your own.

Try Jewel Isle Rum Punch today… Whatever your flavour, you will love the taste and want to share it at your next special event!

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Jewel Isle Rum Punch

Jewel Isle Rum Punch cocktails are rum-based fruit flavoured alcoholic drinks, made with the finest fruit juices and selected caribbean rum. The alcohol content of the beverage is 7% and it is sold in 750ml, 200ml glass bottles and in a special 5 litre catering size.
The product is available in 
throughout the UK, in Pubs, Bars, Off Licences, Restaurants and a growing number of Members Clubs.

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Rum Punch - Jewel Isle

Our Rum Punch is currently available in 3 mouth watering flavours. Tropical (Original), Pineapple & Ginger and Lemon & Lime.

In the last 2 years, Jewel Isle introduced Sorrel Punch (Hibiscus flower) which is a non-alcoholic refreshing beverage, which is the drink of choice for light drinkers who wants to enjoy a drink a little healthier and less intoxicating.

Rum Punch Receptions

Jewel Isle Rum-Punch Reception

We also cater for Rum Punch receptions for Weddings or Private Parties or other occasions to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Jewel Isle Global Productions

Try the Award Winning Jewel Isle Rum Punch today and bring the warmth of the Caribbean to your next special occasion.

Jewel Isle Rum Punch, served with ice, is a superb drink for every occasion and with every ice-cold sip, it truly captures the full flavour of the Caribbean. This unique rum punch will make any event extra special, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or just to give as a gift”,says Anita Witter, Managing Director of Jewel Isle Global Productions.
Anita continues, “after years of using this unique recipe to entertain family and friends, and gaining rave reviews at carnivals, exhibitions and numerous events around the country, I decided to share the taste of my late father’s secret recipe with the world.”
The Tropical flavour was the original cocktail drink created by Anita and closely represents the well-known and loved traditional rum punch served in the Caribbean. After experimenting with different flavours, Anita launched Pineapple and Ginger, a more refreshing and uplifting drink, and then eventually created Lemon and Lime, a popular drink with ladies.
The great delectable tasting drinks from Jewel Isle Rum Punch offers a unique and delicious way to captivate a truly authentic Caribbean sensation anywhere in the world. It will even create a warmth  in the winter once the mellowness of the rum uniquely blended with the fruit juices hits your pallet.